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P.S. 59R

Lease conversion project PS 59R @ St. PETER’S, STATEN ISLAND, NY

Owner: New York City School Construction Authority

Contract Amount: $ 11,487,637

Brief Description:

The project involved interior renovation and exterior renovation of the structure.  The interior renovation consisted of removal of existing terra cotta walls, partial removal of floor slab to install duct,  removal of deteriorated plaster, asbestos abatement, and installation of new walls, new flooring, new finished including plastering, painting, VCT, Ceramic tiles.  Also, as part of the interior renovation new sprinkler system was installed through-out the building, complete electrical work from new service to lighting, new kitchen and dining areas, new plumbing and heating lines were installed.

Exterior work involved in removal and reinstallation of approximately 100,000 bricks, window sill and lintel replacement, exterior lighting, partial SBS roof and new standing seam copper roof over auditorium.  Also, new play area with safety surfacing was built for kids to play and the whole yard was secured with new chain link fence