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Job Order Contracts

•     MTA Job Order Contract (JOC) for work primarily in Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island, NY

Owner: New York City Transit Authority

Duration: September 1997- September 2001

Contract Details:

Volmar was responsible for all NYCTA Facilities in the Boroughs of Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island, New York.  This multi-year contract covered all trades and included office, warehouse and subway station facilities.  Volmar had scoped and negotiated 125 delivery orders valued at $30,000,000 during the four years of the contract with an average job order size of $300,000. It has performed over 60 projects on or adjacent to the subway tracks and over fifty of its employees have attended the Transit Authority’s Track Safety Training Course. Volmar has worked in good faith to achieve its MBE/WBE/DBE compliance goals, averaging approx. 17% MBE and 4% WBE (subcontracting dollars).  Volmar has performed approx. 30% of the work covered under this contract with its own forces.  Volmar completed over fifty geographically dispersed projects simultaneously, as part of the Transit Authority Communications Room programs.  Volmar’s JOC team (ten construction professionals), has used PROGEN (the TA’s JOC Management software) to prepare its proposals and stands committed to the quick-response nature of the JOC concept. This contract demonstrates Volmar’s ability to work in areas of minimal space and access as well as occupied worksites, comparable to this JOC project.  Volmar experienced some minor delays midway through the contract term with timely submission of its JOC proposals; it resolved this by supplementing its management team with an additional estimator.  Volmar maintained a full time Safety Engineer dedicated to this contract. Job Orders issued included over ten large scale roof replacement projects, several concrete remediation projects, and the interior renovation of office facilities.


•    Job Order Contract for General Construction in various school buildings throughout the Boroughs of Manhattan & Bronx – Various multi-task projects.  

Owner: New York City Department of Education (formerly known as the NYC Board of Education).

Duration: April 1998 – December 2001   

Contract Details:

Volmar was selected by the New York City Board of Education as the JOC contractor responsible for all school facilities in the boroughs of Manhattan and Bronx.  This multi-year contract covered all trades and included emergency work.  From September 1998-March 2001, Volmar scoped and negotiated over 800 different projects with over 3500 construction tasks, totaling over $20,000,000. Volmar assembled a team of subcontractors and a dedicated in-house trade crew to perform the work of these delivery orders, in many cases on only 24 hr notice.  The work of these delivery orders includes exterior rehabilitation, masonry & roof repairs, painting and plastering, floor finishes, emergency structural repairs, light replacement, and the correction of miscellaneous building department violations.  This contract serves to illustrate Volmar’s project management ability in occupied facilities and in emergency situations.  In addition to schools in Manhattan and the Bronx, the BOE requested Volmar to perform work in Queens and Brooklyn as JOC contractors in those boroughs were unable to manage the large volume of delivery orders.  The BOE increased Volmar’s maximum contract value from $16,000,000 to $21,000,000 as a result of its exemplary performance.  Its success stands as testimony to a true partnering atmosphere between Volmar management and Board of Education representatives.  Volmar performed work in similar construction activities and scope to the proposed OGS effort.


•    Job Order Contract for all Cultural, Library, and Dept. of Transportation Facilities citywide

Owner: NYC Department of Design & Construction

Duration: April 1999 – May 2004

Contract Details:

Volmar was the Job Order Contractor for all Cultural, Library, and Dept. of Transportation facilities throughout the five boroughs of NYC.  This contract follows the traditional JOC concept of scoping projects, estimating using a computerized version of the Unit Price Book, and executing multiple geographically dispersed construction projects.  Work has covered all trades and has been executed in both occupied and un-occupied facilities.   Examples of Job Orders issued include interior & exterior renovations to the Bronx Museum of Art, the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, and PS 1 Studio Museum; extensive parking lot reconstruction throughout NYC; and interior and exterior renovations to the Brooklyn Central Library and Jamaica Performing Arts Center, $3.0 MM construction of the College Point Sports Park in Queens, NY and the $2.5 MM fast-track renovation of the Jamaica Health Center under this contract. Volmar was also honored to be chosen by DDC to construct the “Eternal Flame” at ground zero in New York City, under this contract.


•    Dormitory Authority of the State of NY Job Order Contract (JOC)

Owner:  Dormitory Authority of the State of New York

Duration: December 1999- December 2002

Contract Details:

In 1999, the Dormitory Authority of the State of New York (DASNY), selected Volmar as the JOC contractor responsible for facilities throughout Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island, NY as well as Nassau& Suffolk Counties NY, in its inaugural JOC program.  Volmar completed over forty job orders for various clients of DASNY and has assembled a strong team of JOC experienced managers to scope, estimate & execute its projects.  Recent successes include a fast-track interior renovation of the Queens Supreme Court ($174,000 value) and a fast-track phased renovation of the 7th floor of Woodhull Hospital, Brooklyn, NY (over $500, 00 value). Also performed were roof and window replacement projects on the Brooklyn College Presidents House (a landmarked structure). Work proceeded on these projects while facilities were operational; a large percentage of the work of these projects were performed with Volmar’s in-house forces. The scope of work on both projects included interior demolition, rough and finish carpentry, wall and floor finishes, and Division 10 specialties.
Volmar also completed a project to renovate the 16th & 17th floors of Bldg 40 at Creedmoor Psychiatric Center in Queens, NY (Approx. Value $2,500,000) this project covered all trades.  Volmar also completed a $700,000 demolition and asbestos abatement project at the Kingsboro Psychiatric Center in Brooklyn, under this contract.


•    Job Order Contract for General Construction at Various DEP Facilities

Owner:  City of New York, Department of Environmental Protection

Duration: January 2001- July 2005

Contract Details:

Volmar was awarded a Job Order Contract by the NYC DEP as General Contractor responsible for all wastewater treatment plants, commercial facilities and office structures throughout the five boroughs of NYC.  Volmar has completed or is in process of 150 job orders with an average size of approximately $40,000.  Work has covered all trades; Volmar has utilized its own workforce to complete 25% of all delivery orders.  Projects are jointly scoped by Contractor & Owner, estimated using the Unit Price Book, and completed efficiently.  Most job orders involve compressed time schedules and must be completed in occupied facilities. Volmar & DEP have nurtured an atmosphere of partnership and cooperation in the successful completion of very demanding projects.