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Volmar Construction’s Safety Vision

Safety is our highest priority. We are uncompromising in our commitment to the health and safety of our employees, subcontractors, customers, and community. In today’s construction environment, it is imperative that the most important goal of any construction company is providing the safest work environment possible. We strive to continually improve our processes, demonstrate leadership, and promote comprehensive safety. At Volmar Construction, our resources and mission remain committed to ensuring this ultimate goal. safety

Most construction company’s today find themselves in tough economic times having to focus on production to ensure they can compete with the larger contractors in their areas.   This process, in most cases, enables workers to sometimes cut corners and work in unsafe conditions. At Volmar, we have redirected our focus to ensure that all employees have a safe work place in accordance with OSHA  29 CFR 1926 construction standards as well as the New York State Labor law requirements.

Here at Volmar we have focused on the top three priorities of construction:

Safety- Every worker has a right to a safe and clean work place.

Quality- Quality equals the best advertising and more work.

Production- Without the first two there is no production!

Safety, quality and production work hand-in-hand and if we leave out either of the first two… production slips – as well as the quality of the work force.

Our ultimate goal here is to change the safety culture not only of our organization, but of all contractors who work with our organization. With the addition of a solid pre-job planning process (where we conduct a pre- job construction meeting to review the scope of operations), as well as a pre-job safety meeting (to develop a job hazard analysis specifically designed to protect against the hazards that the scope of work could possibly present), we are committed to strive for the safest possible performance on each of our jobsites.

With this focus, we intend to improve the safety of our company that is equal to the safety programs of the top tier contractors in the Tri-State area.


Robert Franco

Corporate Safety Director


Phone: 718 832-2444  ext: 136

Cell: 347 881-6978


Volmar Construction Safety Management Manual